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8 Weeks Guaterica (Start Guatemala)


8 Weeks Guaterica (Start Guatemala)

Week 1 - Antigua

Arrival at the airport and pickup
Have you arranged an Airport Transport to Antigua with us? Then our driver will wait for you at the exit of the airport. Take the one on the right side. Here our friendly driver will be waiting with a Sign containing your name.

Welcome Walk Antigua
Antigua: The first walk around this colourful new city is the most important, and is designed to make you feel comfortable and confident in your new surroundings and environment. We will point out the main facilities such as the ATMs, pharmacies, and grocery stores as well as places of historical significance. (approx. 2 hrs.)

Spanish Classes
Antigua: Located close to Adra Hostel, your Spanish Lessons will be 2 x 45 minute (usually at 14:00-16:00). Tuition is delivered by licensed teachers from the indigenous community. You receive a short test to establish your level and objectives on your first day. These lessons are tailored to suit all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Classes are designed to help you interact and immerse with the local community and enjoy being in a Spanish speaking country. You will also have a chance to learn some of their native tongue.

Close to Antigua, on the way to one of the most famous viewpoints, we help supporting a project to build a butterfly farm in the mountains. Working on this exclusive project includes gardening, cleaning of the environment. and helping to return the land on the mountain to its natural state. A lot of non-native butterflies have found themselves migrated here meaning they can’t find the right plants flowers to live on so struggle to survive in the foreign environment. The work they do at the farm is to accommodate these new butterflies so they have a safe and familiar habitat to live in. This involves trying to eradicate trees that have damaged the environment and instead plant native ones to give habitats back to the butterflies and birds again. There is also the opportunity to volunteer at the local ‘school’. This project was established by a philanthropic local who realised there were too many children on the streets so decided to created a community centre for the them have a safe and secure place to be. The program was born to prevent children being without supervision and getting into gangs etc. Volunteering here involves teaching the children English and educating them about the importance of protecting our planet as there isn’t much of an education program about recycling/climate change here.

Guided historical tour of city & jade museeum
Antigua: La Antigua Guatemala, the first capital of Central America, is rich with culture and history. This city of nostalgic cobblestone streets represents in its ancient walls the rich heritage of the Hispanic colonial era. Churches, convents, monasteries, and large family houses are a beautiful and evocative monumental architectural complex. Included in the tour is a stop to the Casa Del Jade, where you will learn the secrets of the amazing and unusual ancient jade artefacts carved by the Mayans. (approx. 2-3hrs.)

Guided hike to view point cerro de la cruz
Antigua: Famous throughout the region, weaving through the colourful markets of Guatemala is an experience you won’t forget. Learn to navigate the isles and haggle like a local, be hypnotised by the colours, smell and taste of the delicious traditional clothes, jewellery, foods and spices available. Find anything you want among the array of goods available! (approx. 3hrs.)

optional suggested activities
- Acatenango volcano hike
Climbing Antigua’s magnificent Volcan Acatenango, which stands at 13,041 ft / 3,976 m and rises above the landscape, is at the top of most adventure tourists’ Guatemala bucket lists. Acatenango offers hikers a birds-eye of the adjacent (and very active!) Volcan Fuego, which has been erupting on a near-constant basis since colonial times, in addition to panoramic vistas of the entire region. You can book this activity with Adra Hostel or we recommend the best provider which is a few footsteps ahead at a place called Tropicana.

- Pacaya volcano hike
Hike to the top of Pacaya, where you’ll enjoy amazing views from the top of this 8,000-foot (2,438m) peak, and get up close and personal with some of Guatemala’s most active volcanoes. Hike amid volcanic vegetation with your professional guide to gain a closer look at the magnificent Pacaya Volcano. You’ll get stunning views of three other nearby volcanoes, including Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango, in addition to the Pacaya Volcano. This is a one-of-a-kind full-day adventure that you will never forget! You can book this activity with Adra Hostel or we recommend the best provider which is a few footsteps ahead at a place called Tropicana.

Weeks 2 & 3 Lake Atitlan

Your shuttle will pick you up Monday morning at 07:30 at Adra Hostel and drive you to Panajachel (approx. 3 hrs).

Welcome Walk Lake Atitlan
Arriving at the pier in Panajachel, our guide will receive you and you will cross the lake on a typical Lancha to Santa Cruz: The Iguana Perdida Hostel is home to many friendly guides. After your arrival you will be taken by one of them on a tour of the beautiful steep and winding streets of Santa Cruz. Here you will be shown important points of interest such as the ATM, pharmacy, and grocery store. The guides will be on hand to point out/show you anything you would like to see!

Spanish classes
Right beside the Lake, your Spanish Lessons will be 2 x 45 minutes (usually from 14:00-16:00). Tuition is delivered by licensed teachers from the indigenous community. These lessons are tailored to suit all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Classes are designed to help you interact and immerse with the local community and enjoy being in a Spanish-speaking country. You will also have a chance to learn some of their native tongues.

Santa Cruz: At the Lake, the days of Volunteering are designed to help and give something back to the local community of Santa Cruz, repainting and maintenance to the elementary school, basics English classes for kids, sports and games, recycling and conservation work around the lake and the surrounding landscape. We encourage all participants to bring something from home to donate to the local schools and children; it is always very much appreciated by the local community and a great way to start thinking about volunteering and making a difference before you embark on this trip. As some of these projects include getting your hands dirty, we ask that you bring gloves with you to be prepared to get stuck in! A group of women collect recyclable material to protect the environment around the lake, but also to empower them by getting an income for their families and gaining experience in working on environmental-related issues. You will be volunteering also in other places around the Tzununa village which is about 10 minutes away from Santa Cruz by boat.

Cooking classes in Santa Cruz
Lake Atitlan is well-known for its natural beauty. The sight of the lake’s pristine, deep water with the three volcanoes standing sentinel on one side is breathtaking. The scenery, which includes a glassy lake and looming volcanoes, as well as the extensive list of activities, traditional culture, and intriguing settlements, make it a very unique site to visit. It is a must-see for anyone traveling through Central America, and many people make a special excursion to view it. Starts around 10:00 and finishes more or less at 14:00. Your lunch will be the amazing new food you have just prepared!

Kayaking SUP and Yoga by the Lake Atitlan
Drifting across the water of Lake Atitlan, surrounded by panoramic views of multiple volcanoes brings you a truly unique experience. From your perspective point on your paddle board or kayak, the views of both the renowned Volcanoes and gazing back toward Santa Cruz are unrivaled. Equally, what better place to ‘breathe in, breathe out, when surrounded by such calm and tranquil scenery?

Week 3 only:

Weaving classes with indigenous families
Delve into the ancient art of Mayan weaving, taught by those who have had the skill passed down through generations. Guatemalan weaving dates back more than 1,500 years to the Maya culture. Legend has it that the Maya were taught to weave by Ix Chel, the moon goddess and cosmic weaver. Collaborate with craftspeople to produce contemporary items that combine traditional manufacturing techniques with modern aesthetics. It’s a touch of both old and new mingled together!

Canyon Waterfall Hike - Lake Atitlan
Hike the Pumpatin Canyon on the secluded north shore of Lake Atitlan. The Hidden Waterfalls flow along a small creek which attracts birds and wildlife and is abundant with exotic plants and flowers. This is an easy hike that is great for all abilities that provides unrivalled views of your surroundings.

Chichicastenango Market
Take the time to visit Guatemala's most famous market. Rows upon rows of brightly colored set on cobblestoned streets are the homes of local vendors selling an array of vibrant handmade and traditional goods. This place is alive with energy, sounds, sights, smells, and textures making for an unbelievable experience in the heart of this bustling city. Shuttles leave daily at 07:00 and return around 16:00.

Visiting other villages around the lake
Boats leave regularly from right outside La Iguana Perdida. You can take these across and around the lake to explore any of the surrounding villages that you fancy. Take a day trip for lunch and discover the other amazing places in the shadows of volcanoes that you can view from La Iguana.

Walk to Casa Del Mundo
Visiting Casa Del Mundo really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Taking 30 minutes in total to reach, starting from the Iguana Perdida, trek your way around the lake and up into the hills on a high lake-side path until you reach this magical location. Feel like you have stepped into a movie-set as you explore the beautiful winding paths surrounded by nature that lead you straight to the waters edge for a well-deserved dip in the cold water. Follow your volcano-view swim with lunch and a drink in their restaurant and read about the amazing history of this unbelievably beautiful hotel built into the rocks. Make your way back to Santa Cruz by boat, where you can catch a ride from the hotel's dock.

Week 4 part 1 - Shemuc Champey

During the last week, it’s time for the group to be a little more independent, so you won’t have a personal guide doing all the activities with you anymore, but the group will still have 24/7 support through the Whatsapp group. All your activities in part 1 and part 2 are still pre-booked, so you should just present yourself at the reception of your accommodation for the day’s activity.

After jumping on the boat back to Panajachel, you will hop on a bus at 07:30. Lean back and relax in your own space on this trip taking you to your next adventure. Everything is taken care of so you can get from A to B without a worry! We recommend bringing a snack in the morning.

Tubing in zephyr lodge
Zephyr Lodge is a one-of-a-kind oasis hidden away in the hills so you can enjoy your peace and quiet with a beautiful view. Experience stunning views while floating down the beautiful and refreshing waters of the Lanqun River while enjoying chilled beers. For games and lunch, there are two stops. Demonstrate your bridge jumping skills towards the end of the journey for an unforgettable finale to a one-in-a-lifetime experience.

Shemuc Champey
Hidden in the lush mountainous jungle landscape lies a turquoise paradise of the natural pools, caves, and waterfalls of Shemuc Champey. Tucked up in the densely forested mountains of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, is an incredible limestone paradise that, despite the arduous hours of off-road forging required to reach it, is one of the world’s most magnificent hidden natural beauties. The Semuc Champey natural monument, which is virtually inaccessible to all but the most hardy four-wheel drive vehicles, features six beautiful tiered turquoise pools, an enormous cave network with underground waterfalls, and breathtaking views. The azure blue waters are perched on a natural limestone bridge that spans a section of the Cahabón River.

Week 4 part 2 - Flores / Tikal

Tuesday morning around 08:00, you will be picked up for a scenic transfer to Flores. Look forward for the island feel.

Take a trip to the gateway to nearby Mayan ruins, where you’re sure to find plenty of things to do… visit the mesmerizing ancient ruins of Uaxactun and Tikal, take a canoe trip, practice your Spanish, go zip-lining in Ixpanpajul Natural Park, have a go on Jorge’s Rope Swing, take a sailing trip, enjoy a peaceful walk around the island, enjoy the sunset and end your day by chowing down on traditional 'pupusas' in one of the country’s best restaurants for them, popular with both locals and tourists. Be careful though… this island offers so much to do and see, you might never want to leave!

Tikal sunrise hike
Experience the jungle waking up; new sounds, sights, smells, and colors that you’ll never forget. Listen to the chorus of each unique sound rising from below you as every animal wake in turn, creating a raucous as you’ve never heard before. Against the backdrop of the slow-rising sun, watch as the ruins of Tikal light up before you. The 2 am wakeup is worth it for this unforgettable experience!

Please note: Travel on the weekends, or any of the extra activities is at your own expense and risk. We cannot be responsible but, if anything happens, we will of course be there to assist. Please ensure that you have adequate medical insurance before you carry out any activity.

End of Week 4

You will arrive at 06:00 in Antigua, and then transferred to the airport depending on your flight time at the end of Week 4. You need to book your own flight (not included) on that Saturday to arrive in Costa Rica on the same day (we can help you with this). This is so you can be transferred to Santa Teresa with the group on Sunday morning. You will be provided a night's accommodation in San Jose before departing to Santa Teresa the next morning. Arrival transfer from airport to the project in Costa Rica is included.

Weeks 5 and 6

Monday - Friday
07:00-08:30 - Breakfast
09:00-11:00 - Spanish Lesson
12:00-13:00 - Lunch
14:00-16:00 - Surf or Yoga (Week 1 - Mon and Thurs, Week 2 Tues and Fri) and Volunteering (Week 1 -Tues and Fri, Week 2 Mon and Thurs)
Wednesday from 14:00-16:00 you will join a hike exploring the local area.

Saturdays and Sundays
Brunch. The weekends are always free for you to spend as you like!

Departure to CIRENAS

Week 7

Turtle conservation volunteer placement at CIRENAS Playa Ario (about an hour drive from Santa Teresa) 4 to 7 days dependuing upon season.

Week 8

Four day road trip to Monte Verde National Park - including hiking trips to explore Cloud and Tropical Forests

07:00-08:30 - Breakfast
09:00-11:00 - Free
12:00-13:00 - Lunch
14:00-16:00 - Free

Week 5 and 6: Surf or Yoga Lessons

4 Surf lessons (approx. 2 hours) are delivered by a local professional surf instructor. As well as showing you the basics - or taking you to the next level - you learn basic safety principles taking into account local issues such as rip tides. Boards are provided for surf lessons. Additional lessons are available on request as well as board rental.

Alternatively, you can enjoy professional yoga instruction. For a long time now, this magical place has been a destination for yogis from all around the world. What better place to learn or practice yoga than on a wild beach with the sound of waves crashing on the soft white sand, or in our jungle lodge surrounded by lush foliage to the sounds of the river and birds? Many people come here every year to practice and teach yoga so there is a class to for every level from absolute beginner to advanced yogi. You will receive 8 vouchers for yoga lessons.

Popular classes include Yoga for all, Vinyasa Flow, Slow Flow, Ashtanga, Hatha, Deep Restorative, Relaxing & Mediation. You are invited to try a variety of forms of yoga during your time with us. Each class is 90 minutes (max of 8 classes per week) - a combination of group and private classes depending your needs. Yoga provides mental balance, body control and it will help you to relax and enjoy every part of your journey in Costa Rica. Enjoy the mantras and discover a new way to relax and be in tune with your body (and nature) by doing yoga and living the pura vida lifestyle.

Weeks 5 & 6: Spanish Lessons

Each day Monday to Friday there will be 2 x 45 minute Spanish lessons (usually between 09:00-11:00 with breaks but subject to change depending surf conditions). Tuition is delivered by accredited and licensed teachers and on day one you will receive a short test to establish your level and objectives. These lessons will be tailored to suit all levels from beginner to intermediate and are designed to help you interact and immerse with the local community and enjoy being in a Spanish speaking country.

Weeks 5 & 6: Hiking

We would like you to enjoy Nicoya Peninsula - an area of outstanding natural beauty - so each Wednesday in weeks 1 and 2 we will explore our surroundings on foot. The first is a 2 hour ‘jungle river trek’ along a river that runs by Jakera Jungle Surf Camp and into the lush tropical forest that surrounds us. You will quickly find yourself ‘lost’ and wondering which direction the seemingly nearby beach is.

The second Wednesday we hike from ‘beach to waterfall’ to discover a multitude of waterfalls and rivers that tumble and twist through the rainforest and out into the Pacific Ocean. This hike helps us to understand how the whole eco system works. There is a huge range of flora including trees with specific medicinal applications. We begin to understand the beauty of this truly diverse location.

Weeks 5 and 6: Volunteering

You will join volunteer projects designed to conserve and respect local natural resources (2-3 hours per day). Project work is varied and priorities are seasonal and weather dependent. However, most of our efforts are focused on the following areas:

Beach Conservation
Here we work alongside the Santa Teresa Lifeguards. Having seen the amazing beaches of Santa Teresa, and adjoining Playa Hermosa and Playa Carmen, the recreational opportunities are clear. However, beaches need to be maintained to keep them clear of debris that not only looks unsightly but can cause harm to people and wildlife. Work includes promoting Lifeguard issues with regard to beach safety and etiquette (through signage, presentations and speaking to visitors) and organizing clean ups with focus on recycling.

We are leading the charge in our local community to create as many recycle stations and collection points for plastic waste in particular so that Bionics can easily collect it all once a week from main road. We have built two recycle stations on our street and this has reduced the normal garbage by 30 % or more. As a result, on our street alone we collect a huge amount of plastic for Bionics each month.

We clean the beaches of plastic once a week at least and participate in community clean ups on a monthly bases and this month collected close to a ton of recyclable rubbish in one day with the help of about 100 volunteers. We go once a week to the Bionics Depo 30 mins away in Cobano to help them clean, organise and package the plastic for shipment to the USA where they turn it into shoes, T-shirts, building blocks and a whole variety of consumer goods, hence giving real value to this recycled material. This is the future and this is what may just save the planet or make a difference at least. Once this "rubbish" has value people will start to take notice and collect it and turn it into something useful. This way we show our students the full cycle of events, how plastic gets into the eco system, how hard it is to take it out once it's in there, and finally the light at the end of the tunnel, what we can do with it once we collect it.

Tropical Forest
Our main focus is the forests' most important resource - water! You help with the maintenance and supply of our tree nursery; planting carefully selected saplings, gathered seeds and ongoing support of recently planted trees to ensure their success. We support the local Waterkeepers who patrol the river systems of Santa Teresa and neighboring tropical forest resources by helping to report any contamination, clear forest debris and litter from streams before it is washed out to sea and can cause further damage to wildlife, and by maintaining walking/hiking trails that allow visitors to access this beautiful area. It is also a great opportunity to learn about the biodiversity of flora and fauna in this special part of the world.

Week 7: Turtle Conservation Volunteering

You will spend 4 to 7 days at a Turtle Sanctuary that we support, CIRENAS Playa Ario. You’ll be protecting the eggs and hatchlings of Olive Ridley, Black Turtle, Hawksbill and Leatherback species, who visit local ‘semi intensive’ nesting beaches at night to nest. The principle objective of the project is to protect adult female turtles that frequent beaches along this coastline, and their nests, from human predators and wildlife, natural events such as beach erosion and flooding due to high amounts of rainfall in nesting season. This is achieved by maintenance of infrastructure and surroundings, beach cleaning, night patrols to look for nesting female turtles (in season), transport of food and water, collection of data and releasing baby turtles into the ocean (in season) and the construction of a hatchery.

Seasonal Support
It is important to note that although turtles nest frequently in peak nesting season (July to November), there will be times where turtle activity is very low. We still need help during most of the year for the construction and maintenance of the hatchery, critical for the upcoming season.

Besides the Turtle conservation you will do in Cirenas, there will be some other works you will do:

Caletas-Ario Mixed National Wildlife Refuge
- Maintenance and Hikes on the trails
- Bird watching
- Monitoring of Wild Fauna through camera traps
- Identification of native trees

Permaculture and Healthy Eating
- Sowing and planting
- Composting
- Biomass
- Irrigation installation for plants
- Prune fruit trees and harvesting
- Hen house

Forestry Reforestation
- Collection of seeds of native trees by dry season
- Sowing in seedbeds
- Reforestation of native tree species on and off campus

Turtle Conservation volunteering is always part of the 4 week program and is available for non 4 weeks students upon request and depending availability.

Week 8: Monte Verde National Park

In week 8 we go on a 4-day 4x4 overland adventure to explore Monte Verde National Park from Monday to Thursday. We will stay in the picturesque town of Santa Elena and enjoy hikes to explore two national parks - one in Cloud Forest and the other in Tropical Forest. Depending on season and availability, you will usually spend 4 to 7 days at Monteverde. If you don't spend 7 days there, you will come back to the Selina camp to enjoy the free weekend here. The transport to camp is included. An airport departure transfer from either destination is not included.

Day 1
After an early morning breakfast, we load up the jeep and drive east approximately one hour in time for the 09:00 Paquera ferry. Enjoy the 1-hour voyage to the ‘mainland’ and Puntarenas, before continuing a very scenic jeep transfer with amazing views across Pacific Ocean and surrounding mountains roughly north for 2 hours to Monteverde arriving in time for lunch.

We will spend the next four days in the town of Santa Elena, staying at a hostel (breakfast and lunch provided with lots of local options for dinner). Each morning we will get up early to enjoy a 2-3 hour hike exploring this unique biosphere including guided tours of two national parks, Cloud Forest and Tropical Forest. After we explore the village of Santa Elena and surrounding area to get our bearings and discuss the plan for next couple days - for those who have a head for heights and want to ‘hug a tree’ there is a huge ‘Stangler’ fig tree that we can climb inside. Back to hostel for chill time before dinner.

Day 2
After breakfast we enjoy a guided hike to the Monte Verde Reserve to explore Cloud Forest and find out about its inhabitants and flora. This is one of the few places on earth where you can see the rare Quetzal bird and get spectacular views of both the Caribbean and the Pacific Oceans. There are three kinds of monkey, medicinal plants and a plethora of insects and bird life. Back to the hostel for lunch and then your afternoon is free to chill or enjoy one of many activities including rope bridge, bungee jump and zip lining (from USD 50 per person), or visit to a coffee, cocoa and sugar cane plantation (from USD 30 per person), horse riding (from USD 50 per person), ATV tour (USD 60 per person) and canyoning (USD 70 per person).

Day 3
After breakfast we enjoy a guided hike to the Curicancha Reserve. This is primary rain forest hosting an array of animals plants and insects. Our guide will be able to identify and explain medicinal plants and wildlife, many unique to this environment. Back to the hostel for lunch - afternoon and evening free!

Day 4
Free morning to enjoy the activity of your choice before we head back to Puntarenas and the 14:00 ferry and return Santa Teresa early evening.

Free Time

During the weekends, there are a lot of opportunities to expore the area and try out different activities such as white water rafting, horse riding, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, whale watching, a jungle canopy tour etc. There is always something to do and if it all sounds too active, you can just enjoy the beach or pool.

Please note: Travel on the weekends, or any of the extra activities is at your own expense and risk. We cannot be responsible but, if anything happens, we will of course be there to assist. Please ensure that you have adequate medical insurance before you carry out any activity.

Mandatory Volunteer Requirements

Police Clearance Certificate

What Makes a Good Volunteer?

Volunteers need to be flexible and keep an open mind concerning their placements as situations can arise beyond our control which could require you to be placed at a different project than the one you have initially chosen. We will of course always do our utmost to fulfill your initial wishes but do remember that where you are going is quite different from where you are coming and as such one should be prepared for things not always going according to plan.

Volunteering and intercultural travel share a common trait: the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. This program is designed for proactive individuals and groups that are prepared to adapt to the local environment and its current needs. Naturally, the scheduling and activities of our program are subject to change. Alterations in activities are mainly due to changes in local conditions, which we believe is part of what makes overseas programs the interesting adventure and incredible learning experience that they are.

Wat is inbegrepen?

Extra kosten tijdens tour
Flight between Guatemala and Costa Rica is not included.


Dorm-style accommodation with shared facilities in Guatemala
Adra Hostel
Just two blocks away from the main plaza in Antigua. Inside this 18th century colonial house you can find the diversity of art in all its expressions. Every single element represents the creativity of Guatemalan artisans. Because of their work, our country is one of the richest in art and culture. Proudly, we were nominated among the 3 top lounges of the country by the architectural and design magazine HABITART. As a Guatemalan brand, Adra’s objective is to generate a space where differences are respected and where attention and care for others in need is the rule. Adra Hostel is a place for people that think differently but that want to create a difference in the world. So come and stay with us, and just Chill!

Iguana Perdida Hostel
Come join us in paradise under the volcanos. For over 25 years, La Iguana Perdida has been a home away from home for travelers of all ages from across the globe. Our family-owned business offers rooms to suit all budgets and a variety of spaces to relax, play, work, exercise, and escape. Situated on the north shore of the magnificent Lake Atitlán, Santa Cruz is the perfect spot to base your lake experience. So come find whatever your heart desires!

Zephyr Lodge and Los Amigos Hostel
Welcome to Zephyr Lodge, a place with a world famous infinity pool with unobstructed mountain views that has been known to melt more than one Instagramers heart. Our lively backpackers bar, equipped with cocktails on tap, is the perfect spot to meet fellow travelers with whom you will be able to enjoy our unique river tubing and Semuc Champey tours.

Amigos hostel
Your oasis on the beautiful island of Flores and the perfect base for visiting the majestic ruins of Tikal! Los Amigos hostel was founded in 2004 as an artistic fusion of the many influences of our travels with the most authentic aspects of our beloved Guatemala. Visiting la isla you can’t miss a visit to our famous restaurant, “the Secret Garden of Flores”. Enjoy a culinary journey in our magical lush gardens. Both our hostel and the restaurant are listed as #1 on Tripadvisor! We’re back better than ever with some amazing upgrades. Chill in our new Hummingbird garden and cook your own meal in our communal kitchen. We’re truly excited to treat you to an unforgettable adventure in Petén. And remember: Los Amigos is much more than just another place to stay… It’s your place to BE!

Please note that one night is included for the transition phase between countries.

Accommodation in Costa Rica
We have created a jungle paradise complete with swimming pool overlooked by a rich tropical forest bursting with wildlife including capuchin and howler monkeys.

Accommodation is same-gender dorms with beds, and separate toilet and shower facilities (hot and cold water!). Breakfast and lunch are provided but the daily routine will be structured to accommodate quality of the surf (generally better in the mornings) as we try to create opportunities for the beach in between our priorities of Spanish lessons and volunteering.

There is a laundry service in the local town for getting your clothes washed at a very reasonable price. Wifi is available for free.

During week 7, you will be based at Cirenas. Accommodation is in a nice wooden house with 6 rooms, each with a couple of bunks up to 4 per room, a maximum of 16 guests. Open air showers and toilets, all rustic but clean and nice. Sheets, pillows, and mosquito nets are provided and all the rooms have fans. All 3 meals are served up at the main lodge and are good healthy Costa Rican dishes. There is no WiFi at Cirenas.

Please bring your own towel.

Lokaal vervoer

You can either get to the project on your own, or you can book the project with an Arrival Transfer from GUA (La Aurora Airport)

Arrival at the airport:
The driver will wait for you at the exit of the airport. Take the exit on the right side. Here our friendly driver will be waiting with a sign with your name.

If you can't find your driver:
Phone +502 4019 7662
Whats app +502 4019 7662 OR +506 7225 3846

Time in the Taxi to Adra Hostel Antiuga: Approx. 1.5 to 2 hrs depends on traffic.

Adress you are going to: Adra Hostel, 4a Calle Ori ente No. 15
Antigua, Guatemala 03001, Guatemala / +502 7797 1111

What is included
Transfer from Antigua/Lake Atitlan to Airport (between Guatemala and Costa Rica) at the end of Week 4.
Transfer from airport to Monteverde/Santa Teresa at the end of Week 4/start of Week 5.


How does it work for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Guatemala?
Week 1
Besides your accommodation and breakfast, you will have a daily budget of 120 Queztales which you can use for Lunch or Dinner (meal and non-alcoholic drink). The budget is per day, any unused queztales are non-transferrable.

Each person has their own tab, and when you check-out you will pay any additional costs directly to reception.

This budget is daily with the following exceptions:
The day when you volunteer at the greenhouse
The day including the coffee plantation tour

On those days, you will have breakfast at Adra Hostel and Lunch on the road (included). There will not be credit for those days in Adra Hostel.

Total credit is 6 days x 120 Queztales = 720 Queztales

Weeks 2 & 3
In Santa Cruz - you are living in one of the best spot for meals all day around. You will have a daily budget, which you can basically split however you want for meals or smoothies, but not for drinks. Daily budget is 135 Queztales. Most likely you will join the Dinners, as they are a bit harder to find than Lunch. Dinners at Iguana are 65 Queztal. You have 70 Queztal more to spend for meals of your choice. Each person has their own tab, and when you check-out you will pay any additional costs directly to reception.

Daily budget is 135 Queztales

Week 4
Getting to Zephyr Lodge. How is it with meals?
An 8-hour transfer trough typical mountain towns right into the heart of Guatemala with breathtaking scenery along the way. You will leave early morning (before breakfast) with the Lancha to Panajachel where the shuttle picks you up straight at the pier. We suggest taking little snacks or fruits to cover your empty stomach till the first breakfast stop. Best thing is to buy something the night before or ask Iguana for Granola Bars or Bananas for on the way. There will be a stop and possibility to buy some snacks. The transport brings you to a general pick-up point near your new accommodation where you will be picked up from Zephyr Lodge in a 4x4 truck. On this transfer day you would need to pay for all your food yourself.

On travelling days, you need to pay for your own meals. Included in Zephyr Lodge are:
Arrival Day: pay for all your meals
Sunday: Breakfast 40 Quetzals, Lunch 70 Quetzals
Monday: Breakfast 40 Quetzals, Lunch packet for Shemuc Champain: included
Tuesday: Breakfast 40 Quetzals, Lunch not included as travelling to Flores

70 Quetzals is the maximum amount you can consume for lunch and it cannot be used for drinks or anything else. Any unused queztales are non-transferrable.

On travelling days, you need to pay for your own meals. Included in Amigos Hostel are:
Arrival Day (Tuesday); pay for all your meals
Wednesday: Breakfast 50 Quetzals Lunch 100 Quetzals
Thursday: Lunch Box included 60Q (Sunrise Tikal Tour)
Friday: Breakfast 50 Quetzals Lunch 100 Quetzals

This amount is fixed per day and meal. Any unused queztales are non-transferrable.

How does it work for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Costa Rica?
Breakfast, lunch, and brunch on weekends are included. Safe drinking water, tea, coffee, natural soft drinks will be provided. Beers and sodas are not included. All food in our camp is organic, sourced from local farmers and fishermen with garnishes and a few extras from our own garden. Our menu is predominantly vegetarian, though we do also serve locally sourced meat and fish. Although menus will be local, they’ll be tempered to western tastes and vegetarians are easily accommodated. Salads, simple soups, tortillas, sweet plantains and local food made of tubers (similar to potatoes) are also popular.

There is a kitchen at the camp where you can make your own food. You will need to help with cleaning dishes and keep your room and public areas tidy.

There are also social nights arranged at camp - pizza night, burger night, Mexican night etc where dinner costs between USD 7-10 (not included).

During your week at the turtle rescue centre, all meals are included.

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Volunteers will need dark coloured clothing to work at night, preferably long sleeved, flashlight with a red LED if possible, mosquito net, closed toe shoes for turtle patrols that will be comfortable and a waterproof jacket.
Light weight sleeping bag for night patrols and mosquito net are useful and should be in the packing list.

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